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Bedbug Pest Control

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are flat, wingless bloodsucking insects measuring about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch in length. They can range in color from light browns to reddish browns. They can lay up-to 540 eggs in one day. The brood then has the ability to reproduce in 21 days. Bed bugs are considered to be a nuisance pest, but they are believed to transmit disease.

Where did bed bug infestations originate?

The world is home to bed bugs. In the later part of the 20th-century, bed bugs were scarce. With increased international and domestic travel, bed bugs have seen a rise in popularity in the United States. Bed bugs can infest clothing, luggage and furniture. If the item infected is moved, bedbugs can take up residence there.

How can I stop bed bugs from getting into my home?

Do not panic if your bed bug infestation is severe. The right steps can be taken to eliminate bed bugs from your house or business.

What You Need to Do

Because bed bugs don’t travel far on their own, it is possible to contain a population by moving them around by other means. Infested items should be kept out of reach. If you have to remove items from an infested space, make sure they are placed in trash bags. The bag should be taken out immediately so that fabric items can be washed.

Trash bags should not be placed next to a house or other structure if the items are to go to waste.

Wash Fabric

Bedding, clothing, pet bedding, mattresses, pillowcases, covers, cushions, cushions and covers as well as curtains, dust ruffles and throw rugs, all require laundering. Tablecloths, towels and all other linens need to be laundered.

Use a strong detergent to wash the items at the highest temperatures possible. Then, store the items away from infested areas until the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Move Pictures & Furnishings

It is important to remove any decorations or pictures from the walls. Furniture should also be moved to the centre of the room. This eliminates potential hiding areas and maximizes distance between furniture, walls, and other furnishings. This distance helps reduce bed bugs’ mobility to new places in a home or structure.

It is easier to get rid of bed bugs if they do not enter walls.

Throw out or cover mattresses

It is best to throw out mattresses that are old and have holes. If they are in good shape and new mattresses, you can vacuum them, and place them in direct sunlight for a few minutes on a sunny day.

Protect your mattress with a zippered cover of plastic material so bed bugs can’t get out.

Pest Control

It is a good idea for you to call a pest control company. Pest management experts can identify all bed bug hiding spots and apply a treatment to effectively eradicate the population.