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Cockroach Pest Control


Arizona is home to five of the common species of cockroach: American, Turkestan, Oriental, and Brownbanded. All roaches are similar, but there are some important differences.


Many roaches get into homes and buildings via the outside. They can also enter through sewer openings. Every cockroach species is unique, so each infestation will be different. Here are some facts about common cockroaches in the Phoenix area.

  • Brownbanded cockroaches love warm, dry places. They nest only indoors, and often in higher areas such as picture frames and ceilings. They are typically brought into homes through used furniture or moving boxes.
  • German cockroaches prefer to live indoors where there is moisture and warmth, such as in bathrooms and cracks in kitchens. They love the warmth of running appliances. German roaches, just like the Brownbanded cockroaches, are usually brought into buildings and homes in moving boxes, appliances, or electronics.
  • Oriental cockroaches prefer cool, wet environments. They live indoors in basements near pipes and drains as well as in wall voids, particularly in bathrooms.
  • American cockroaches like wet and cool habitats. They live outdoors, however, and usually enter buildings through drains or foundations.
  • Turkestan Cockroaches are an outdoor species. However, males are attracted to light at night so they can find their way indoors.


Service technicians have the experience and training to identify various types of cockroaches. It is essential to identify the species of roaches in order to locate nesting areas and treat the infestation effectively.

Once we have determined the species of roaches that you are dealing with, our service technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to find nesting areas and then apply the appropriate treatment.

Cockroaches can be found in greater Phoenix. They are so prevalent that it is often necessary to have regular inspections, treatment and access denial/exclusion. Cockroaches are persistent pests. You need to know what to do after you use one of our cockroach treatments. This will depend on the species. Controlling a German cockroach infestation takes months. However, it is possible to get rid of them quickly. After your first treatment, you’ll notice an increase of cockroach activity. This is because the cockroaches are being flushed out as they nest, hide and breed. Control usually requires several treatments, with regular inspections and ongoing treatments to keep the roaches under control. No matter what, no matter what, our technicians are able to tell you which type of roaches your situation is and what you can expect.


Infestations of cockroaches is not always caused by poor sanitation. Roaches will eat anything that is edible, including cereal, dog food, paper, and cardboard boxes. It is also difficult to prevent them from eating your food.

Vigilance is key to prevention. Use plastic containers to seal food items such as crackers, cereals, pastas, and pet food. Reduce clutter and get rid of unnecessary cardboard boxes. Place metal baskets into drains.