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If you are looking for pest control services, then look no further than our team. We offer seasonal protection that is perfectly tailored so we can provide year-round safety!

Our locations include: San Gabriel, Hyde Park, College Park, Chaparral, San Miguel, Santa Maria, Glendale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Phoenix & Turtle Creek

There is no worse feeling than being riddled with bed bugs. Unlike lice, ticks and other pests that feed on wet skin cells to survive; these blood-sucking monsters prefer feeding right where it’s easiest for them: bare scalp or neck area!

Though all wasps and hornets are generally known to be more aggressive than bees, bald-faced hornet males have been found specific towards humans. They will sting even if there isn’t much of a threat posed because their stinger delivers an extremely painful sting.

The three most common types of rats found within Arizona homes are pack rats, roof rats and mouse. All these species have a similar ability to cause damage as well as spreads diseases that can be transmitted through their tunnels in your house’s foundation or walls!

The most common spiders found in Arizona are house spiders, brown recluses and black widows.

termites are a serious problem in Arizona. We also have drywood Termites which means you can expect to come across these destructive pests !

Scorpions may not be as scary or harmful to humans than many other creatures, but some Arizona natives can still pose a threat if you are allergic. Additionally the Bark Scorpion has venomous stings and could potentially harm you!

If there are multiple signs of an ant infestation, then it’s time for professional help. If DIY treatments aren’t working after a few tries and the problem persists even while you’re doing your best at keeping up with everything else in life- call someone who knows what they’re doing!

When you’re dealing with an infestation of cockroaches, it can be almost impossible to get rid them without professional assistance. Calling in a pest control expert is often the best course if your roach situation has gotten out-of control.

If you want to keep your lawn and garden free of weeds, bi-monthly pest control service is your best bet.

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