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Scorpion Pest Control

Desert Scorpion

Only one species of scorpion is known to be harmful to humans in the Western United States. This is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Although the Arizona Bark Scorpion stings are venomous it is more harmful to those who have allergic reactions. There is also antivenin readily available in Arizona. Bark Scorpions live up to 7 years. If left uncontrolled, they can continue to multiply.


Many scorpions are found in new areas, or in areas that are still under construction. Because construction can disrupt the scorpions natural habitat, they will seek refuge in buildings or homes.

Infestations of scorpions can also occur in established areas without any apparent cause. It can be difficult to remove scorpions once they have established themselves in an area. Property owners can try to seal their houses, but scorpions will most likely move to neighbor’s homes.

Tips Against the Bark Scorpion

  • Their refuge must be removed: Take out any piles of wood, debris or rock from the yard.
  • Caulk cracks, openings around doors, windows, and screens. It is important to keep them out by effective exclusion.
  • Take out any boxes or other items that are not needed. We want the garage and home to be free of nesting and breeding places. Keeping the garage tidy can make a big difference.