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Termite Pest Control

Phoenix homeowners have a major concern about termites. Termites can be found throughout the Phoenix region. Heterotermes Aureus, also known as the desert-subterranean termite or Heterotermes aureus are the most common termites in Arizona. They are also the most destructive termites in Arizona. It is best to get prompt treatment from a professional termite company in order to prevent the serious structural damage these pests can cause.

Arizona’s desert subterranean termites have become so widespread that all new homes in Phoenix must undergo a soil treatment before concrete foundation construction. Regular inspections and treatment of termites are important in order to protect your home for a long time.

Protecting your Home from Termites

It’s never if, but when is a common phrase used to describe whether termites are coming to a home in Arizona. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware of the existence of termites in Arizona. It’s crucial to be aware of the factors that can affect your home’s protection. Experts in termite prevention and management, these professionals can assess your home and provide control measures.

Your home will be free from termites once the pretreatment barrier has been removed. The amount of time that it takes for the treatment zones to dissolve depends on many factors.

  • Conducive circumstances, e.g. Poor home construction, water leaks, faucet drips.
  • Pretreatment product type
  • Quality of pretreatment
  • Type of soil, e.g. farmland, virgin desert, grove
  • Time travel